Cluster Initiatives

Diaspora Studies
The Diaspora Studies cluster draws upon and enhances existing strengths at UIC, particularly in interdisciplinary and ethnic studies units, and capitalizes on the global nature of the city of Chicago, home to diaspora communities from around the world.  Read more >>
Global Urban Immigration

The Global Urban Immigration cluster’s objective is to meet an escalating need to examine existing standards and develop new concepts that could inform our understanding of the global movement of people, as well as influence comprehensive policy responses. Read more >>

Health Promotion for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Older Adults

With a particular focus on African-Americans and Latinos, the cluster for Health Promotion for Racially and Ethnically Diverse Older Adults will link research and practice to improve health promotion and outcomes for both older adults and adults with disabilities. Read more >>

Integrative Neuroscience

With a focus on therapeutics, the Integrative Neuroscience cluster will combine basic and clinical neuroscientists to better understand the biological bases of brain disorders and to develop new and effective treatments for clinical practice. Read more >>

Middle East and Muslim Societies

The Middle East and Muslim Societies cluster will encourage a new regional emphasis on the modern studies of the Middle East and Muslim Societies among UIC faculty, and provide for increased mentoring and teaching of our students, including Muslims and non-Muslims. Read more >>

The Racialized Body

The Racialized Body cluster assembles scholars who examine the ways that contemporary and historical notions of race, racial ideology and racial politics are manifested in how the “body” is represented, inhabited and regulated. Read more >>

Social Justice and Human Rights

The Social Justice and Human Rights cluster insists on bringing the arts and humanities into conversation with social sciences and public policy to ask, and begin to answer, a set of questions about how contemporary politics and culture have come to often be based in inequalities and how individuals, states, non-profit organizations, and members of civil society have struggled to make those local and global institutions more just and equitable. Read more >>